Equipment Manufacturing

Our main business is to produce various types of machinery and sub-assemblies. The combination of long project management experience and co-ordination of procurements creates the capability to handle new and challenging manufacturing projects. An extensive subcontracting and component suppliers network allow cost-effective management and on-time delivery of both small and large projects.

Many of our customers want us to influence the selection of suitable components and manufacturing methods. Naturally we handle this responsibility in close cooperation with our customers' R&D personnel bringing significant added value to those projects, in addition to our manufacturing service.

We produce annually about one hundred different configurations that come in sizes from handheld devices up to ocean containers. Our technical experience in demanding engineering project installations (hydraulic, engineering, electrics and logic) enable us to consult our customers in their product development. We have been able to significantly improve the reliability of some of our customers' products and bring them cost saving and improved product quality.

We ensure the product quality by testing all assembled machines. For this purpose wa also create machine use cases and test procedures on behalf of our clients.


Metsi Ltd provides engineering parts and components manufacturing for both small and medium-sized sidesproduction series. We have at our disposal 13 CNC machines.  In addition to this we have a comprehensive network of manufacturing partners, through which we ensure peak loads of production reliability.

Some machined parts we produce have very high measurement tolerances and surface quality demands.  Parts with complicated geometric shapes can be manufactured using the newest Mastercam software. We machine almost all metal and plastic materials as long as it is not radioactive or highly toxic.


We are able to offer welding as an independent service or combined to machine construction projects. The size of a structure may vary from large structures of up to 5 tonnes to a small precicion welding project. We deliver high-quality work and cost effective services also using subcontractors both in Finland and abroad.


We offer both wet and powder coating for all products manufactured by us. Before painting, all the products are cleaned thoroughly and paintings thickness is measured if necessary. The products are always packed carefully so that the paint will not be damaged during shipment or storage.

Electricity and Automation Services

We install electrics and logic steering to a major share of the equipment we manufacture.  In addition to electrical safatey the machines produced are usually tested by us using production production process imitations. We have experience in at least Siemens, Omron, Beckhoff, and National Instruments operational controls.