Metsi GreenZone™ Container Solutions

We offer tailor-made container solutions to meet our customers' requirements. All our containers can be equipped with ballistic Metsi GreenZone ™ protection. Metsi designed and manufactured containers have been surveyed in accordance with CSC standards.

Mobile Service container

The mobile service container includes a small machine shop, as well as an own independent power supply. The container enables our customers to perform maintenance and service tasks quickly and reliably. The service container is suitable for the defense sector as well as companies and organizations that need to set up remote service and repair facilities. The container is fully heated and works in difficult conditions.

Housing container

Our housing container is designed for agile housing of troops and personnel. Due to the folding design a container can include beds, washing and other required facilities. Optional ballistic protection can be added to increase the protection of personnel using them. The ventilation system can be equipped with an active carbon filter if necessary.

Metsi GreenZone™ ballistic protected containers

Metsi GreenZone™ containers can be protected in accordance with STANAG 4569 (W 3) / 2920 standard. This protection can quickly and cost-effectively be installed on all containers manufactured by Metsi.

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