Metsi ensures factory start in Bokutchany, Russian Federation

02/02/2017 15:27

Metsi assembly management team ensures installation and take to use of a sawmill dry sorting and packaging plant in Bokutchany, Russian Federation in January 2017.

Team task was to ensure and control the verification of all delivered equipment and system operations including the whole integration testing process (speeds, timings, automation, security, etc.)

Metsi team also inspected the possible delivery damages, assembly and take to use entry citeria and delivered a full report to the end customer.

Metsi team also instructed the local maintenance team to service the system in the future.

At the end Metsi team responsibility was to start the entire new factory and make sure all features work as requested.

"This task was very exciting and challenging for our team due to the long distances and freezing temperatures dropping all the way to - 47 celcius. At the end all tasks were succesfully accomplised and the factory started as planned" says Arto Kurkela from Metsi Ltd.

Metsi´s next factory start supervision will take place in western Ukraine during February 2017.

A winter view from Bokutchany