Procurement Services

Purchases as a Service (PAAS)

One of the most important factors affecting the profitability of an industrial company is the cost-effectiveness of its procurement. Nowadays, virtually all Finnish industrial companies have to reduce the number of employees in their own organization to the extreme in order to be profitable. This also applies to procurement.

Metsi Group provides procurement outsourcing services used by companies in Finland from billions in turnover to SMEs.

The reason why companies want to take advantage of Metsi outsourcing services is:

  • Our customers rely on Metsi Group’s ability to track and control delivery schedules and quality close to our suppliers,
  • Forest procurement organization is located in Tallinn, Estonia at the WTC house,
  • Our staff speaks Russian, Estonian, English and Finnish, enabling us to communicate with suppliers both in Finland and throughout Eastern Europe, ensuring cost effective delivery rates within the EU Economic Area.

We are opening up our sourcing organization’s ready-made channels across Eastern Europe to find the best suppliers and logistics chains to suit your product manufacturing and logistics chain. Our employees communicate with journalists in Russian, English, Estonian and Finnish.

So outsourcing Your purchases is not just about pure action. Our buyers work closely with suppliers, monitoring the quality of deliveries, delivery times, and ensuring the logistics chain functions.

Purchasing management as a service opens up new opportunities for You to increase Your competitiveness and frees up your time to focus on the marketing and development of Your own product. Our service combines sourcing professionals with efficient processes and digital tools. Turn Your focus to outsourcing, reliability and quality in Metsi sourcing. Like other satisfied customers who already use our services, you will not regret your decision!

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Digital procurement tracking service

We provide you with a digital procurement tracking service from our ERP system. Our purchasing secretaries will automatically send you the status of your project procurement status. You can clearly see for yourself that component purchases have been made on time and what the delivery date is. Our purchasing secretaries also respond to any abnormal situation and communicates immediately with, for example, the assembly unit.

Purchasing as a Service (PaaS) procurement by experts, in whole or in part.

Procurement as a Service (PaaS) is a service for businesses tailored to your needs. We provide companies with both outsourcing services, operational processes and digital ERP tools. You can purchase a specific product or sub-assembly through us, fill a shortage of purchasing capacity in an emergency, or have a continuous service through us.

Purchasing power through Metsi’s sourcing organization

Purchasing also constantly requires resources from a normal company where the scope of the project varies monthly. When you do the procurement through us, you do not pay the salary costs of the individuals, but only a percentage of the purchase price. Metsi’s purchasing team also procures from suppliers very significant amounts of euros. This way you will automatically get access to Metsi discount rates for your purchases. Purchasing outsourcing is risk-free for you and your business – Try it, you are likely to win significant sums!

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