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Technical Skills & Services

Our automation center production includes control centers, logic centers, control cabinets and instrumental enclosures. Design and manufacturing are carried out in cooperation with the customer in accordance with the needs of each item.

We work in close cooperation with equipment manufacturers and importers of automation and electrical equipment. A wide range of materials and color is available for centers and housing. Control center systems can be used as a work center outdoors or in indoor or as a group center.

  • Degree of protection: IP20-IP69
  • Rated voltage: UN 400 / 690V (max)
  • Rated current: IN 630A (max)
  • Installation method: Mounted on the surface, standing on the floor or recessed
  • Short-Lead Strength: ICW 23.7 kA
  • IPK 36.1 kA (max)
  • Housing material: Insulation material (insulation casings according to manufacturers’ standards)
  • Approval: EN 23910, In 630A (max), Ue 400 / 690V (max), 3 /N / PE, IP20 – IP66 / 67

Group centers are usually installed in private homes, offices, apartment buildings and other real estate. Customized special designs are also possible for special purposes. Metsi House control unit is naturally available to be assembled with group center entity.

  • Degree of protection: IP20-IP30
  • Rated voltage: UN 400V
  • Rated current: IN 80A (max)
  • Mounting type:
  • Mounted or recessed on surface
  • Short-Lead Strength: ICW <10 kA
  • Color: RAL 7010
  • Housing material: Metal

Enclosure center is very versatile and is suitable for use in eg main, riser, group, air conditioning, lighting and outlet centers. Applications include, for example, industry, public buildings, gardens, farms and even private houses. Centers are always make of durable and high-quality materials, and centers use only components of well-known manufacturers. Centers can be customized wherever needed to suit your needs.

  • Rated voltage: 690, 400V
  • Rated current: IN 630A 
  • Short-circuit resistance: ICK 43.3 kA
  • Enclosure class: IP 34-IP 55
  • Kellel width: 300, 450, 600 mm
  • Kennel depths: 160, 250 mm
  • Head heigth: 560 to 1960 mm, if required, 140 mm