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Metsi Consultation in the Philippines

METSI has been building the networks in all levels and sectors with local entities in the Philippines since the beginning of this decade.

We have find cooperative partners with various capabilities, knowledge and skills. Especially important is not only to cooperate with operational level in public and private sectors but to create good and trusted connections in higher level, both political and executive level of private sector.

Metsi Business Services can help in planning, coordinating, implementing and assessing in order to ensure success in major business endeavours and company goals of our clients in the Philippine markets.

What we can offer

  • Increase knowledge and understanding of the Philippine business culture and markets
  • Explain processes
  • Develop or strengthen skills
  • Promote efficiency through networks and linkages
  • Provide an efficient communication tools to broaden and advance its company’s interest.
Metsi Joined planning
Metsi Philipines

Key activities

  • Analysis
  • Levelling of Expectations
  • Development Planning Workshops
  • Management Meetings
  • Coordination Meetings
  • Resource Mobilization and Maximization
  • Networking and Linkages

Metsi representative in Philippines

Mr. Timo  Härkönen is former Director of Government Security of Finland. Before this position, he served in the Finnish Defense Forces. His career in the Military included several national and international tasks, mainly in Military Intelligence. His military rank is Colonel (ret.). He has been a member of many working groups in Finland, EU and other international organizations connected to crisis management, internal security, terrorism, cybersecurity etc.
Mr. Timo  Härkönen joined Metsi Ltd. in January 2018. Mr. Timo Härkönen has been working in the Philippines since the end of 2014 with various Filipino- Finnish companies and has been living there since 2015. During this time he has gained a lot of experience working with both the Philippine administration and private companies. He has a wide network of collaborators, including representatives of national and regional politics and decision makers, authorities and the business community.
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