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Metsi Group produces high tech industrial systems that combine mechanical, electric and automation system knowledge. Our international project team ensures the highest quality of production with smart cost level. Our assembly factory is located in Finland. Our factory works tightly together with Metsi purchasing and project coordination team in Estonia.

Metsi combines various technical competences together in order to build high tech industrial systems. This includes mechanical parts, steel structures, automation logics and electric cabins and wiring. Technical competences are wrapped together with international project team ensuring each individual component meets the JIT delivery within the project.

We are well known for excellent results in manufacturing projects and efficient purchasing of components and manufactured parts.

We can deliver full engineering projects with our skills in mechanical, electril and automation areas.
Our Finnish assembly plant is supported by purchasing and ligics division in Eastern Europe which together can provide very scalable and cost efficient projects for our clients.

We have a long history of bringing client projects to production quickly, reliably and cost-efficiently.
Our success is based on experience and expertise in manufacturing engineering, string purchasing organization, international project coordination, and quality-oriented, multi-skilled production teams.